Denim Day Message to Army Leaders

Denim Day is bigger than us. Denim Day is bigger than an army.

Every day there are people in our formations who, in addition to battling the Country’s enemies, are also battling the second and third order effects of sexual assault. Yes, sexual assault survivors are in OUR formations.

Never underestimate your influence. Step outside of your comfort zone just for a moment to realize how your outward support-as a Leader wearing denim-could speak volumes to those in our formations who are survivors of sexual assault.

Imagine what would happen if even just one of them-who has battled for so long-witnessed you wearing denim and supporting a cause so near to their heart. What effect might your support have on that person?

Motivate, embolden, encourage, strengthen; these are a few words that come to mind. Just think how one simple expression of support could indelibly change someone’s perspective, feelings, attitude, or perception.

Understandably, your time is consumed with leading our organization and it is not often when you get an opportunity to publicly express your support to our workforce. Let Denim Day be the venue to show your support, and you can do this without even saying a word. - Josh Stevens, U.S. Army INSCOM SARC.

About Denim Day

Denim Day was founded in 1999 by Patti Giggans in Los Angeles, budding from an Italian Supreme Court decision that same year. An 18-year-old girl was raped by her 45-year-old married driving instructor in 1992. He was initially convicted of rape but appealed his case to the Supreme Court – and won. Since the victim was wearing tight-fitting jeans and allegedly had to help remove her pants, the Court reversed its decision and found the assault consensual. The perpetrator was released, which sparked protests and women of the Italian parliament began wearing jeans to work. This caught the attention of Peace Over Violence Director Patti Giggans in Los Angeles who helped evolve Denim Day into an international movement where allies against sexual violence wear jeans on the anniversary of the ruling.

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