When you need an instant mood boost or a quick tip to get you through the week – or the next 15 minutes – Resilience in Focus can help. This series of resilience-building tools and infographics cover common challenges like how to make stress work for you (stress can be good, really), become more optimistic (it is possible!), cultivate mindfulness (what is that exactly?), or stick to your goals (at last!). Start by exploring some of the topics below, and when you have time to learn more, reach out to your nearest R2 Performance Center to schedule an individual or group workshop.


Do you dwell on the bad and forget to notice the good? Could you easily name several stressful, frustrating or just outright bad things that have happened in the last couple of days? Do you, or someone you know, tend to vent off a list of grievances and irritations at the end of a long day? Our tendency to focus on the negative is a natural process of our brains, but, luckily we can do something about it. It’s time to learn to hunt for the good stuff!

What’s Important Now (WIN)

Stress is entirely normal and finds its way into everyday life. All of the five pillars of personal readiness—physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and Family—can be affected if one does not learn to compartmentalize stress. What’s important now? Learn how to WIN.

Character Strengths

Identifying our Character Strengths, meaning our best qualities, provides the foundation for self-awareness, helping shed light on who we are, what we value, and how we want to contribute to the world. Identified by over 50 researchers in the early 2000s, Character Strengths provide a common language for leveraging and connecting to the best parts of ourselves. What are your character strengths?

Effective Praise

When people perform poorly, we may use constructive criticism to provide details where the performer can improve. On the flip side, it’s easy to say, “Great job!” and leave it at that. Effective praise is about adding an extra sentence to the “Great job!” to explain specifically what that person did right. Learn about the benefits of effective praise here.

Realistic Optimism

Are you having a hard time being optimistic? Maybe you're feeling frustrated with people who always seem way too optimistic? Realistic optimism is essential to daily life, but especially critical when facing challenges. Optimism, like pessimism, is a thinking style. You can learn, grow, and cultivate an optimistic mindset.