The Army Resilience Round Up Podcast is a monthly podcast series that offers resources to help Soldiers maintain resilience. We know that the Army can be a tough profession. This podcast will help Soldiers not just cope, but learn, grow and thrive. Dynamic speakers will present helpful information in a more conversational style setting. The podcast will serve as a forum for discussing the latest research, policies and tools. Remember, you are RESILIENT!

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I-PAG: Context, Guidance and Implementation

During this informative podcast, Dr. Katherine Schaughency will discuss the primary prevention framework, the roles, and responsibilities of I-PAG at the installation level, the core competencies I-PAG should develop and demonstrate and expectations when working with prevention program specialists. She will also discuss how I-PAG integrates with the CR2C structure, how I-PAG supports leaders, and how I-PAG works to facilitate the prevention process and meet key milestones.

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