The Resilience Round Up Podcast is a monthly podcast series that offers resources to help Soldiers maintain resilience. We know that the Army can be a tough profession. This podcast will help Soldiers not just cope, but learn, grow and thrive. Dynamic speakers will present helpful information in a more conversational style setting. The podcast will serve as a forum for discussing the latest research, policies and tools. Remember, you are RESILIENT!

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Our guest is Dominique Waltower, a violence prevention advocate and a dynamic motivational speaker who has presented nationally and internationally about his journey through domestic violence. This episode’s topic is Understanding Domestic Violence where Waltower will speak about being a victim as a child, becoming abusive as an adult and what was necessary for him to not only change his behavior but to change his thinking about abuse. He will also discuss the important difference between a behavior change and a heart/mind change. Waltower will speak about this difficult topic with a candidness and sensitivity that will promote thought, understanding and introspection from the audience.

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