The Health Promotion program focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing disease and optimizing overall health and well-being among Army personnel, their Families and DA Civilians.

Program Components

  • Health education and awareness: Providing information, resources and tools to educate individuals about healthy behaviors, lifestyle choices and preventive health practices.
  • Wellness activities: Offering a variety of wellness programs, activities and events aimed at promoting physical fitness, nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene and other aspects of well-being.
  • Health screenings and assessments: Conducting regular health screenings, assessments and evaluations to identify health risks, monitor health status and provide early intervention when necessary.
  • Health promotion campaigns: Launching targeted campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness about specific health issues, promote healthy behaviors and encourage participation in preventive health activities.
  • Tobacco cessation and substance misuse prevention: Offering support, resources and programs to help individuals quit smoking, vaping or using tobacco products, as well as addressing substance misuse issues through education, prevention and intervention efforts.
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