Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory-enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive, coordinated community support, housing, educational and medical services to Families with special needs. The Army considers these special needs when assigning Families to a new post.

An exceptional Family member is someone with a physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder who requires special treatment, education or counseling and who meets the eligibility criteria defined below.

  • Someone who has a potentially life-threatening condition or chronic medical/physical condition, a current or chronic mental health condition, a diagnosis of asthma or another respiratory-related diagnosis, a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • A Family member who requires adaptive equipment, assistive technology devices or architectural considerations
  • A Family member who has special education needs

▶ Army Enterprise EFMP System (E-EFMP)

Perform the following tasks virtually using CAC/DS log-in credentials: EFMP enrollment, reenrollment, disenrollment, assignment coordination, OCONUS Family member travel screening and Family support actions.

▶ Education Directory for Children with Special Needs

Acquire the information you need to make informed assignment decisions and easier transitions when relocating with your special-needs child.


Browse articles, videos, documents and links about new enrollment, education, legal resources, medical questions, accessibility and housing, assignments, PCS, support services, finances, child care, school support services and youth programs.

▶ EFMP & Me: Military OneSource

Find checklists, resources and referrals to guide you through each process and get support from the EFMP.

▶ Find My Installation

Use this tool to search for EFMP contact information by installation.


▶ DoD Instruction 1315.19 Exceptional Family Member Program

▶ DoD Army Regulation (AR) 608-75: Exceptional Family Member Program

Army EFMP fact sheet:

▶ Exceptional Family Member Program

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