The Total Army Sponsorship Program is designed to help commanders enhance resiliency among Soldiers and Family members, and to ensure smooth transitions into the Army or into new units. TASP helps commanders successfully receive and integrate Soldiers and Families into their units, installations, facilities and communities.

Good sponsorship promotes:

  • Successful adjustment for newcomers
  • Morale
  • Well-being
  • Readiness
  • Adaptation
  • Successful missions

Commanders use the Army Career Tracker (ACT) platform to manage and streamline assigning, sponsoring and transitioning Soldiers.

The Role of a Sponsor:

Sponsors ease the transition process through familiarity, reliability and trust. Sponsors help lower risk factors that lead to negative experiences for Soldiers and DA Civilians and increase protective factors.

Types of Sponsorship:

  • Advanced arrival sponsorship: This is the preferred type of sponsorship for helping ensure a smooth transition into the Army or unit. The gaining command assigns a sponsor before inbound personnel arrive.
  • Out-sponsorship: In this sponsorship, departing Soldiers are offered assistance as they transition into new assignments or out of the Army.
  • Emergency permanent change of station (PCS) and special cases: This may require help that is normally not provided. The absence of a sponsor or responsible Family member may require a power of attorney or summary court officer.
  • Reactionary sponsorship: The gaining command provide reactionary sponsorship for unprogrammed arrivals when the time between assignment and reporting date is too short, or when other factors prevent advanced arrival sponsorship.

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