Tech Positive: Accelerate Your Personal Resilience

Technology is meant to improve our lives, but does it? Chris Dancy, ARD webinar guest and “World’s Most Connected Man,” says a critical mistake we frequently make when using tech is that we value what we’ve measured instead of measuring what we value. In other words, we let the technology dictate how and what impacts us.

But, you can change that. Use tech to positively impact, enhance, and measure what matters to you!

🏃 Make it your fitness dashboard: Tech lets you track and log every workout, every meal, hydration, sleep, create programs to help you run farther and faster, lose or gain weight, tone your body and more. All can be adapted. It doesn’t have to be one size fits all, create the size that fits you.

🧘 Create a positive mindset: Apps can help make your brain strong. They can help you understand your state of mind; fight stress, anxiety, and depression, and help you create a positive mindset and environment where you are happy. Redesign those templates to meet your needs and transform you.

👪Build resilient bonds: Relationships are critical to your well-being. Hobbies, interests, and pastimes can be too. Tech can help you maintain contact with old friends and find new ones. Do you have an interest in something? There are likely online gathering places for others who share your ideas. Create your own space with your family, friends, and interests.

🌎Find your spiritual core: Look for apps that help you break out of the mundane and see your life as sacred. Tech can help you find the time to relax, think, meditate, pray, and focus on optimism all within a worldview that empowers you and channels your inner strengths for optimum performance. Your spiritual core is personal, use tech to personalize it for you.

The latest devices have incorporated many of these options: reminders to stand every hour, take a minute to relax, practice focused breathing – if they work for you, use them, if not, search for and adapt those that do.

It’s time to reboot and tech yourself!