10 Signs You Are Not in a Good Relationship

Relationships – especially new ones – often feel euphoric and exciting (that’s the dopamine in your brain doing its happy dance), but eventually the honeymoon phase fades away. This is totally normal but how can we tell if things are going downhill?

Do you…

  1. feel like you’re settling? Remember, the definition of settling is “gradually sinking” and no one should be sinking in a relationship.
  2. prefer spending more time away from your partner?
  3. not have any conflicts in your relationship? Disagreements help a relationship grow.
  4. not feel loved or appreciated?
  5. feel like your needs aren’t being met or seek those needs from other people?
  6. often think about leaving the relationship?
  7. spend a lot of time defending your relationship to disapproving family and friends?
  8. feel like you’ve tried to repair the relationship for more than a year with no success?
  9. find yourself doing more activities that you don’t like and neglecting your own hobbies and interests?
  10. not get a smile or excited to spend time with them anymore?

Much like the container of leftover takeout that’s been sitting in your fridge for way longer than you’d like to admit, it may be time to clean out and start working on a better and healthier alternative.