ArmyFit is the U.S. Army Resilience Directorate’s (ARD) web-based platform promoting readiness and resilience. ArmyFit has been redesigned to improve user experience and engagement, and also to increase accessibility to the Azimuth Check.

The Azimuth Check, a newly updated version of the Global Assessment Tool (GAT), is a confidential self-assessment tool. The 10-minute survey assesses a Soldier’s level of overall fitness across five dimensions of readiness: Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Family. The Azimuth Check is a core component of the new ArmyFit website.

How does the Azimuth Check work?

The Azimuth Check equips Soldiers with information about their current level of resilience and wellbeing to promote self-awareness and development. Upon completion of the Azimuth Check, Soldiers are provided individualized feedback for each of the five dimensions of readiness. The feedback includes a graph comparing a Soldier’s overall and dimension scores relative to their job function and the Force as a whole. Along this feedback, the Azimuth Check provides Soldiers with a curated collection of articles and multimedia offerings (i.e. videos, mobile apps, infographics and more) that pertain to the individual’s dimension scores. These personalized resources allow Soldiers to explore their personal resilience development and find helpful information specifically for them.

Visit ArmyFit to take the Azimuth Check.

Azimuth Check Fact Sheet