Basic Problem Solving

Problems are a fact of life. Whether big or small, simple or difficult, problem solving is a daily event for everyone. When your spouse is deployed, you will have to solve day-to-day problems without the help of your loved one. The physical separation disrupts the way you communicate with your loved one, which may make a problem worse.

How we look at problems effects our ability to move forward in solving them. Are they chances for growth or challenging problems? Sometimes we label a situation as a problem when, in reality, it is not. Then our labeling becomes the problem, not the situation. Being confident is difficult in many situations but trying to remain positive and focusing on problem solving will resolve problems more quickly and easily.

When couples are separated by deployment, this adds more stress and challenge in solving problems. You may become overwhelmed and need to take certain steps to assess a problem and move forward.

This chapter gives you solid problem-solving steps. With practice, you can become more capable and comfortable solving problems. These skills may also prevent you from adding unnecessary stress to your relationship with your deployed partner and make you feel more confident, too. Start the Module.

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