Who did the Army consult with on the research to implement the modifications to the ABCP standards?

    The U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Headquarters at Fort Eustis, Va., partnered with the U.S. Army Research Institute for Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) and consulted other subject matter experts to consider modifications to the Army Body Composition standards.
Why is the exemption for 540 score and above if the minimum score in each event is 80?

    The Army is seeking to maintain standards while considering the whole person concept and talent management. Originally, we consider 90 points in each event for 540 points, but in order to maximize talent we have allowed an individual to score less than 90 points, but compensate in other areas, as long as they still demonstrate well above average (80 points).
Can a service member lose their 540 exemption if the individual PCS's or assigned to a new unit/Command?

    The 540 exemption is valid across every unit in the U.S Army and until the Soldier's next record ACFT.
Why are alternate events not authorized if I can still score above a 540 on the ACFT?

    The Army is seeking to maintain standards while considering the whole person concept and talent management. The H2F System is focused on helping Soldiers return to full duty and taking a full six primary event test. Soldiers who take alternate events can still pass the tape test and have no negative personnel actions.
Can Soldiers who fail the first and confirmatory body fat tape test assessment request a supplemental body fat assessment?

    Yes, Soldiers can request a supplemental assessment via the Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry, InBody 770 Body Composition and Body Water Analyzer, or The Bod Pod® body composition tracking system. Once a Soldier receives a body fat tape test assessment failure counseling statement, the Soldier must state within 10 business days their intent to pursue a supplemental body fat assessment. Upon completion of the supplemental body fat assessment, the Soldier’s record will reflect pass/fail results and be recorded in the Digital Training Management System (DTMS).
If a Soldier is overweight but scores well this policy suggests that they can exceed body fat standards?

    The Senior Enlisted Council (SEC) felt that if a Soldier scores highly on ACFT they were willing to assume the risk that a small number might possibly be over the body fat allowances. The research indicated that the number who were able to score over 540 +>80 in each event, had a low percent chance of being overweight.