Information For Leaders

Commanders can help Soldiers stay medically ready by encouraging them to participate in DHAs. Identifying personal health issues early can help Soldiers get care before their health worsens due to environmental conditions or stress.

Army Leaders’ Role in DHAP

Information from assessments lets unit commanders and credentialed medical professionals:

  • Foster medical readiness: DHAs can help a Soldier talk through vital information should injury or health concerns arise over the deployment cycle.
  • Enhance resilience and identify personal health issues early: DHAs can serve as a gateway to care for conditions that might affect a Soldier’s personal readiness and deployment status.
  • Increase access to care: Identify deeper issues to help Soldiers receive appropriate care.
  • Facilitate appropriate care before health issues progress: Receiving help can reduce stress and strain for Soldiers and their loved ones.

DHAP program requirements are mandated to ensure compliance. Commanders must:

  • Establish a command expectation that individuals will be responsible for meeting and maintaining IMR requirements, and that commanders will act if members fail to respond to notifications or keep scheduled appointments.
  • Ensure medical readiness, determine deployable personnel with informed medical readiness information and report unit readiness on the Commander Portal.
  • Appoint a commander’s designee as an alternate to fulfill command readiness responsibilities.

Resources for Leaders

Policies & Guidance

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  • DoDI 6490.07, Deployment-Limiting Medical Conditions for Service Members and DoD Civilian Employees, 5 February 2010
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  • HIPAA Public Law 104-191, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.