The U.S. Army's Deployment Health Assessment Program (DHAP) plays a critical role in building personal readiness and resilience by identifying a person’s challenges and providing them with a plan of action to get back into their best form.

Connecting you with the right care

Few things are more difficult or traumatic for a Soldier, or Army Civilian, than an operational deployment overseas. Problems related to a deployment can emerge days or even months after returning home. DHAP connects Soldiers and DA Civilians with the right care and ensures that Soldiers are assessed before and after deployments. Each one-on-one appointment with a health care provider is private and confidential.

Deployment Health Assessments are taken at three critical points: before deployment, immediately after redeployment, and 90 to180 days after redeployment. Each point involves completing a specific Department of Defense self-assessment form:

  • DD Form 2795 - Pre-Deployment Health Assessment, taken within 120 days before deployment.
  • DD Form 2796 - Post-Deployment Health Assessment, taken 30 days before or after redeployment.
  • DD Form 2900 - Post-Deployment Health Reassessment, taken 90 to 180 days after redeployment.

For all three forms, a Soldier must first fill out the correct DD Form online through Army Knowledge Online (AKO) before being seen by a medical HCP. The forms can be accessed by logging into AKO, choosing My Medical Readiness and clicking on the Deployment Health Assessment tab. Then, follow the link to Medical Health Assessments. Deployment Health Assessment screening is generally performed at Soldier Readiness Processing sites, Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF), and installation clinics.