Frequently Asked Questions

I completed my DD Form 2900 online, why is my stoplight not green?

Completing the self-assessment portion of the DD Form 2900 online does not fulfill the requirement for PDHRA.  You must meet with a HCP, who completes the form and electronically signs it.

  • 0-89 Days:  The PDHRA stoplight will be green following a return from deployment to a combat zone if you completed the Post-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA).
  • 90-180 Days:  During the 90 to 180 days following a return from deployment, the stoplight will turn to Amber, indicating the need to complete the PDHRA (this is the target window during which you should complete your PDHRA).
  • After 180 Days:  The PDHRA stoplight will be Red, indicating non-compliance with the PDHRA requirement.  When you complete the PDHRA requirement, to include the HCP interview, the stoplight in AKO MODS Medical Readiness Portal will turn Green.

Are the results of the assessments going to be shared with my Chain of Command? Are they confidential?

Information shared during PDHRA screening is confidential and will only be shared as needed with those who have a medical need to know.

What happens after the PDHRA process?

Usually, there is no medical need for additional action. If necessary, the HCP will refer the Soldier for diagnosis. Referrals are made for a range of issues, both physical and mental.

I completed the Soldier’s portion of the DD Form 2900 online. Do I have to print it out and take it to my installation health facility? What is the next step?

No. A Soldier’s DD Form 2900 is recorded in the MODS database and paper copies do not need to be printed unless they are for the Soldier’s personal records. The PDHRA screening is not complete when the Soldier completes their portion of the DD Form 2900 online – the Soldier is still required to complete the interview with a HCP. The PDHRA is complete when the HCP fills in and electronically signs the DD Form 2900.

I really don’t want to complete the PDHRA. I am healthy and just don’t think I need to waste everyone’s time. Do I have to complete the PDHRA?

Yes, you are required to complete the PDHRA during the prescribed time period, because issues develop over time and may become more prevalent down the road. Documentation in the PDHRA can be a reference for future medical/disability claims.