Recognizing resilience

Recognizing Resilience

Resilience is the capacity of individuals to navigate their way to resources that sustain their physical, emotional, social, spiritual, cultural and Family well-being. You can be a role model for your children and for other Family members and friends. You may not always feel strong and in control, but you can learn methods that help you keep moving forward.

Resilience is also the ability to go through a stressful situation and bounce back by drawing on one’s strengths, coping skills and supportive relationships to manage changes and face adversity. You may have seen people who have been challenged by serious circumstances that are out of their control but who remain strong and quickly get back to a state of normal emotions.

Resilience doesn’t have to involve a crisis or life-altering event. But to face any type of challenge and prevail, you must be resilient.

Resilient individuals remain strong and face unexpected changes with the confidence that they can cope with any situation. The cycle of deployment presents opportunities for increasing your resilience. Start the Module.

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