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Social Media

You understand that communication with your deployed spouse may rely on social media and that is a positive thing during deployment. However, have you thought about how social media may impact your circle of support back home?

Social media is used by 90% of young adults in the United States to communicate privately and publicly as well as to access news, education, and entertainment. This amazing technology allows us to instantly communicate with people far away and access endless information. It has, however, been infiltrated by people who use it irresponsibly and criminally. Understanding and watching out for these factors help the user to avoid problems.

Social media and texting can help build relationships, but it can also destroy them. It can spread important news or lies. It can be used to raise money for worthy causes or steal money from unsuspecting charitable people. By reading this chapter, you will educate yourself about this medium and the positive and negative impacts it can have on your life. Start the Module.

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