Confidence in Physical Fitness

Building, Improving and Increasing Confidence in Physical Fitness

Productive self-talk strategies can help counteract limiting beliefs and boost your mental edge to help you get the most from exercise and workouts.

In physical fitness settings, limiting beliefs such as uncertainty and doubt can block confidence. Therefore, beliefs an individual holds will impact performance.

P3 Power Statements to Build Confidence

Examples of P3 Power Statements

  • A Soldier does an overhead press exercise and needs to perform an explosive upward movement: “Extend through the roof.”
  • A Soldier wants to drink more water daily to stay hydrated for better recovery: “Fuel the machine.”
  • A Soldier is firing a weapon at the rifle range and wants to practice rhythmic breathing: “Five seconds in and five seconds out.”

To learn more about how to introduce self-talk strategies into your performances and use P3 Power Statements, reach out to your nearest R2 Performance Center to schedule training.


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