Rebuilding Relationships

Four Strategies to Foster Respect and Strengthen Your Organization

Respectful environments don’t just happen, they are designed and reinforced. Here are four practical ways to foster respectful behavior at work, at home, and in daily life.

Follow the Golden Rule

This serves as a reminder that respect is a standard code of conduct and an Army value. The age-old principle can be applied to guide behavior and decision-making.

Define Respect

Encourage team and Family members to outline respectful behaviors by identifying what respect refers to and looks like in action in the context of your team and Family. Real-world examples include:

  • Having your team hold questions until the end of meetings
  • Having Family meals together and without any devices at the table
  • Asking for input before making important decisions

Praise Respectful Behaviors and Interactions

Immediately and publicly praise respectful behaviors and interactions. When we observe children, teammates, and battle buddies being respectful, let them know right away!

Emphasize the Importance of Manners, Professionalism, and Military Bearing

For service members, military bearing includes upholding high standards of professionalism, composure, personal appearance, and respect, on and off duty.


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