During deployment, children encounter the normal struggles of growing up and the additional stress of having an absent parent. Fortunately, researchers have identified factors that help children thrive during a parent’s deployment.

It helps children thrive when they understand and believe that their absent parent is making a positive difference for the nation and the world. Research indicates that children of deployed parents manage more easily when the Family communicates openly.

Remind your child that the deployed parent is making a sacrifice to be proud of. Your child’s belief system is important, but not as important as you are. You are the determining factor in how successfully your child navigates the challenges of deployment.

Your child’s resilience depends on your resilience. Use the tools and strategies in this workbook to help you become a bigger role model for your children.

Module 13 has strategies for helping children navigate the changes caused by deployment. Children who learn strategies for building resilience and managing stress and emotions are more likely to thrive. Start the Module.

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