conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict-resolution skills can improve all our social relationships. Learning to politely disagree and work through problems is one of the most important social skills. The same strategies you use in negotiating Family roles you can use in negotiating with friends and others. This same process can be used after your loved one returns from a deployment.

Changes and choices in life can bring conflict. As individuals, we all have a unique set of wants, needs, ideas and views. Sometimes we disagree on issues and priorities. We may disagree on what happened or should happen, what was said or unsaid, among other things. When handled well, differences can produce creative results, positive interactions and stronger relationships.

In the long term, working through difficulties together will help us live a less stressful, more satisfying life.

Another way to think about resolving conflict is that you are negotiating a solution. We all use negotiation every day. Start the Module.

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