Deployment Health Assessments

The DHAs are three screenings designed to protect your health, identify medical conditions, and get you the medical care you may need. Taking the assessments ensures your well-being. What you may think are normal aches, stresses, or frustrations could be symptoms of behavioral or physical concerns that need proper attention. Honest participation is necessary to determine your health needs and give you access to care.

DD Form 2795 - Pre-Deployment Health Assessment, taken within 120 days before deployment.

  • The Pre-DHA screens for physical, mental or behavioral readiness, it also provides opportunity for the individual to address/correct any health gaps prior to deployment.

DD Form 2796 - Post-Deployment Health Assessment, taken 30 days before or after redeployment.

  • The PDHA screens for immediate deployment-health related injuries such as physical and mental or behavioral issues sustained during deployment.

DD Form 2900 - Post-Deployment Health Reassessment, taken 90 to 180 days after redeployment.

  • The PDHRA screens for physical and mental or behavioral issues that may have evolved since return from deployment.

Where Can I Take the DHAs?

Prior, during, and after deployment, be sure to fill out the DHA forms online through the MODS/ MHA portal and the “Forms” tab will direct you to the appropriate electronic form in MEDPROS. Please contact your unit S1 or S3, or other command medical personnel if you need additional unit-specific information. For questions, please contact us at or visit DHAP.