Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention (SHARP) program

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Prevention aims to stop incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault before they occur.

Prevention requires a comprehensive approach. Everyone plays a part at the individual, peer group, unit and Army community levels. Prevention protects the force and supports implementation of the Army People Strategy, which describes how we acquire, develop, employ and retain talent.

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“The Army is taking a proactive approach to addressing challenges before they arise, ensuring that our Soldiers and their Families receive the support they need throughout their Army journey”
– Lieutenant General Kevin Vereen Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9

The Army’s prevention activities are supported by a system that includes:

  • Leaders at all levels building cohesive teams and maintaining professional unit climates.
  • Army SHARP professionals helping leaders to plan, implement and assess prevention activities.
  • Collaborative relationships that share innovative prevention methods and help to integrate efforts.
  • Prevention information and knowledge flow that enhance understanding and decision-making.

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Annex to the Army People Strategy describes our Army approach.

The Army’s prevention efforts align with and support the DOD Prevention Plan of Action. To learn more, visit the DOD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office website.

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