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Program managers will be authorized at select Army Commands (ACOMs), Army Service Component Commands (ASCCs) and Direct Reporting Units (DRUs) based on organizations that have downtrace installations that deliver services and provide case management for victims. Program managers provide technical oversight to their subordinate lead sexual assault response coordinators (SARCs) and report to their respective commanding general as special staff.

SHARP compliance specialists  and SHARP program service support specialists  will be authorized only at the select ACOM, ASCC and DRU levels to provide professional oversight and programmatic support. Installation lead SARCs will also be supported by a SHARP program service support specialist in executing the installation’s SHARP program.

Lead SARCs serve at the senior-command level but not at all geographic locations. While they report directly to the installation’s senior commander, they receive technical guidance from their respective program manager.

Supervisory SARCs report directly to their respective lead SARC. These positions are based on the number of SARCs and victim advocates (VAs) whom a lead SARC is responsible for. The primary duties of a supervisory SARC are to maintain proper Office of Personnel Management supervisor ratios and to assist the lead SARC by expanding the SHARP technical chain for large organizations.

SARCs and VAs are distributed based on the population of each installation, whether they are supporting a specific brigade or providing overarching support.

Note that in some cases, these personnel will not be dedicated to a specific unit but, rather, will be shared across an installation to cover multiple tenant units.

SHARP program prevention specialists support the senior commander and are responsible for coordinating and implementing comprehensive primary prevention activities that address individual, interpersonal, organizational and community factors that contribute to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

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