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Continuous Performance Monitoring Efforts:
For continued program success, it is necessary to assess a program’s performance efforts. Periodic performance evaluation efforts ensure the following for program managers and other stakeholders:

1) continuous program monitoring.
2) performance data that provide scientific evidence of program success.

The Strategic Management System (SMS) is the Army’s tool for performance management. The SMS allows users to track key performance areas and indicators over time, to help identify shortfalls and allocate resources to problem areas. If information is in a database, the SMS can upload Excel file extracts to upload the data. The system will then automatically build charts and reports that update continuously with each data import. If there is no means to store data, the SMS can use the Forms option to capture and store it. Program managers can use the Forms option to present charts and reports for their area of responsibility, which will auto-update upon submission of forms or data. Integration of all these functions allows users to see a comprehensive dashboard quickly and efficiently.

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