Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention (SHARP) program

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Enhance Army readiness through the prevention of sexual assault, sexual harassment and associated retaliatory behaviors while providing comprehensive response capabilities.


Through the SHARP program, the Secretary of the Army and the chief of staff of the Army implement guidance from the Office of the Secretary of Defense and changes in law via policies and procedures applied across the force (active Army, Army Reserves, Army National Guard). The SHARP program’s sexual harassment prevention and response efforts are complemented by the Army’s Equal Employment Opportunity program, which provides a sexual harassment complaint process for Army Civilian employees.

The SHARP program

  • Is an integrated, proactive effort by the Army to end sexual harassment and sexual assault within its ranks.
  • Includes specially educated and trained staff at multiple levels within the Army structure.
  • Promotes cultural change across the Army, with a vision toward a culture of discipline and respect in which Soldiers intervene in sexual harassment and sexual assault to protect one another.
  • Includes a comprehensive program to educate leaders and Soldiers about how to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The SHARP program announced a restructure in 2023. Learn more about the reorganization and how the new structure supports installation-based responses and will better support survivors.