Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention

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SHARP Academy

The Army SHARP Academy at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, is the Army’s designated proponent for all aspects of SHARP education, training, and leader development. An educated Army Community led by knowledgeable, informed Leaders is essential to establishing an effective climate of prevention and ensuring comprehensive response.

SHARP learning represents a continuous, progressive process reinforced by the complimentary effects of multiple activities. The SHARP Academy designs, delivers, and manages this learning for SHARP Professionals, leaders, and all Soldiers and Army Civilians through the following efforts:

  • Courses for Army SHARP Professionals (SARC, VA, PM, SHARP Trainers)
  • Annual Refresher Training (Training Support Package)
  • Lessons across every level and cohort of Professional Military Education
  • Initial Military Training
  • Specialty/Functional Training (Drill Sergeant, Pre-Command Course, Recruiter)

For more information on SHARP course descriptions, registration, and the SHARP Academy, please visit the SHARP Academy website.

SHARP Academy

Stay Certified

All Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) must complete 32 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years following D-SAACP approval to renew certification CEUs.

Two of the 32 CEUs must be Victim Advocacy Ethics training and the remaining 30 CEUs are to be Advocacy/Prevention training. A combination of online training sessions and/or in-person certified training courses offered by the military Services can help to satisfy the semi-annual requirement.

Army Resilience Directorate offers monthly webinars that credit attendees (depending on the subject matter) with 1.0 CEU. Webinars are announced in the ARD Community Link Newsletter, the ARD website, and via email to SHARP professionals. You can also sign up to receive ARD communications directly to your inbox.

For information about continuing education, how to document CEUs, and submit renewal applications visit the DoD Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP).

SHARP Professionals Quick Links

SHARP Academy Learning Portal

SARC Guidance

SAPRO Policy Toolkit

SARC Roster

Safe Helpline 101 provides a comprehensive overview of Safe Helpline, including services offered; information about our secure technology platform, and how extensive steps have been taken to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of users. In addition, this program describes how Safe Helpline services augment and support Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) in their efforts to meet the needs of sexual assault survivors on their installations. 

Download the Safe Helpline App for direct access to chat, text, and additional resources.

Safe Helpline App

The Safe Helpline app is a free mobile resource created to meet the unique needs of members of the DoD community affected by sexual assault. By downloading the app, you can access:

  • Safe Helpline’s 24/7 Telephone Helpline via VoIP technology
  • Safe Helpline’s 24/7 Online Helpline
  • Peer-to-peer support through Safe HelpRoom
  • Self-paced educational programs
  • Safe Helpline’s database of military responders and local civilian sexual assault service providers
  • Self-care activities including a PIN-protected journal, digital coloring book, and personalized self-care plans
  • Guided relaxation exercises
  • Peer-to-peer support through Safe HelpRoom


The Local Safe HelpRoom allows D-SAACP certified SARCs to host their own local Safe HelpRoom group chats. Once trained, local hosts will be able to offer tailored assistance for their community with an individual topic, convenient time, specific group, and discussion structure that best fits the needs of the local population.
To learn more, visit the Safe HelpRoom webpage.

Download the Safe Helpline App for direct access to chat, text, and additional resources.

Safe Helpline App

DoD Men's SAPR Campaign

DoD’s Men’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Campaign focuses on sexual assault experienced by male service members. It addresses the personal impact and negative effects on readiness and unit cohesion when sexual assaults occur. The campaign also provides vital education and access to important resources to both SAPR professionals and victims of sexual assault.

SAPR Connect

SAPR Connect is an online community of practice designed to foster collaboration and learning among sexual assault prevention personnel across DoD. SAPR Connect is a “members only” site for DoD employees with a CAC. To join, go to and click on the Prevention tab. Scroll down to mid-page and click on the SAPR Connect logo to start the registration process.

For more information on SHARP course descriptions, registration and the SHARP Academy, please visit the SHARP Academy website.


SHARP Awareness and Marketing Materials

Before you can obtain materials (print or digital) you must first register for a free account at the link above. Follow the “New Users - Click Here to Register” link and submit your request.