Army Suicide Prevention Program

Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month

September is observed as Suicide Prevention Month, a time when individuals and organizations across the nation come together to raise awareness and promote resources to prevent suicide. This year, DOD draws attention to connections with others, the community, and suicide prevention resources with the slogan “Connect to Protect – Support is Within Reach.” And the Army emphasizes “ It’s the Little Things that Matter;” the everyday interactions that build strong relationships, which act as a protective factor against suicide.

Take a moment to read the survivor stories featured here showing how little moments of connection with our close circle and those around us can have a big impact on how we think, feel, and thrive:

  • 1SG Williams - “As a young Sergeant, my Sergeant Major checked in on me constantly. She would consistently say: ‘You matter’.”
  • SFC Porterfield - “You know, I really appreciate you.” “Just hearing that you are appreciated…knowing that that person means it (makes a difference).”
  • CPT Hussain - “For the last five years I had never celebrated a birthday…one of my coworkers found out it was my birthday…and threw me a birthday party and (made) a cake for me…It was really the first time in a long time…that I felt valued and loved by people.”
  • Sharita Knobloch - “(My son’s doctor) looked over at me and said the magic question: ‘So how are you doing?’ and I lost it.”

Engage with Suicide Prevention Month